Counselling & Psychotherapy

LV Counselling and Psychotherapy provides a non-judgemental, confidential, and caring service to adults/adolescents suffering from distress that can cause emotional and/or physical problems. With LV Counselling and Psychotherapy you can explore any issues you may be experiencing in a safe, private and caring environment.

As many people suffer from distress at some point in their life, LV Counselling and Psychotherapy offers a safe environment where you have the freedom of time and security to identify, express and work through highly charged feelings, developing awareness of the connections between these feelings and the behaviours they lead to. The therapy provided is not limited to or by any one therapeutic model. I work from a humanistic and integrative approach which allows me to bring together the best of a variety of therapies to ensure the best outcome for you.

Every individual experiences life in a different way however below are some of the issues that adult/adolescents may present with:
Adult Therapy:
• Bereavement
• Abuse
• Anxiety
• Self Esteem & Confidence Issues
• Depression
• Relationship Difficulties
• Suicide Ideation
• Bullying
• Phobias
• Personal Development
• Post-natal depression

Adolescent Therapy:
• Low Self Esteem
• Abuse
• Drug/Alcohol
• Relationship issues
• Hostility, anger, or irritability
• Loss of interest in activities
• Tearfulness or frequent crying
• School related issues
• Bullying/ Cyber Bullying
• Withdrawal from friends and family

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